Can The 10 Minute Trainer Workout Program Really Get You Results?

It’s no surprise the 10 minute trainer workout program by Tony Horton and Beachbody is a big seller right after New Year’s. The allure of a workout program that promises to deliver results shown on its infomercials in just 10 minutes is a gamble almost anyone is willing to wager. Most 10 minute trainer reviews available by real users all pretty much say the same thing. It works! But how can a workout program deliver results in just 10 minutes of use? This is the real question that needs to be understood before you make a commitment and purchase.

A little background on the person behind the program will shed some light on why 10 minute trainer is a good fit for all those time strapped people. Tony Horton may be most famous for his P90X program (and now P90X2) but he has a very long history of fitness, nutrition, and exercise. In fact one of the first programs he ever came up with is called Power 90, the precursor to P90X, which was originally distributed in good old fashioned VHS form. Times have changed and Tony Horton’s success as an in home fitness instructor has gone from good to almost unbelievable. This success has translated in almost everything he’s put together since Power 90 which would include 10 minute trainer.

To begin with, the 10 minute trainer program can be a hair misleading. Most people assume that the program always utilizes a 10 minute window of exercise throughout the program. In fact this is not true. What is true is that all 5 of the workouts are only 10 minutes long excluding the warm up and cool down. You can exercise using yoga, a cardio routine, lower body, upper body or total body and never go over 10 minutes in any one DVD. Although after the passing of time, the program calls for you to start “stacking” additional 10 minute workouts on top of the one you would normally do. By the time you’re in your 3rd or 4th week you are no longer using one of the 10 minute DVD’s, but rather two and then three, and so on until you reach a level where all 5 DVD’s are being done.

This special “stacking” technique is what really gives the program a leg up on others. The programs sole purpose is to help someone get started with exercise by just siphoning off 10 minutes of their day to it. The idea is that before long, hopefully you are not even aware that you’re at a point of almost an hour a day of intense exercise. This one method alone is where the majority of the 10 minute trainer results come from.

The secondary reason why 10 minute trainer does well with the average exerciser is because of the exercise moves themselves. Tony Horton has put a lot of programs together and has been able to identify which exercises work well together and produce the best results. He’s a master at being efficient with your time and energy, which is the backbone of 10 minute trainer. All of the exercise moves in 10 minute trainer have come from either Power 90 or P90X, both programs that boast results, but that are lengthy dependant on larger commitments of time. Boiling down those programs and extracting the most concentrated exercises for maximum gains in as little time is what 10 minute trainer is all about.

A combination of a great technique and super concentrated exercise moves from two of the world’s best selling home workout programs is what gives 10 minute trainer its edge. If you find that time is something you lack, yet getting in better shape is something you desire, then the 10 minute trainer workout may just be what you need to help jump start your physical fitness routine.

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